Welcome to AspenStyle!

Hi ladies, fall is here and winter’s coming and we are all thinking about how piling on layers looks!

This blog is about my love for fashion, makeup and beautiful things. I am also hoping it will help some girls out there who maybe are struggling with wanting to learn how to dress themselves up.

Here’s a bit more about me…

I am the oldest of 9 children and I am 16. All of my life I have always had chances to be around a lot of diverse things and dip my hands in many subjects. Because of this I have many hobbies, a few of them being fashion, hair and makeup. My plan for the coming years is to go to cosmetology school, (cosmetology is the study of skin hair makeup and nails) and I have a hope to get my real estate license.

Now enough about me, I wanna help y’all.

Well I have a few cute ideas to share so stick around! 🙂


Bubble wand curls

How to get this from that! Bubble wand curlers or any wand curler can be dangerous and u can burn your self easly. You want to brush your hair and then take small sections and do like so… I know this is another short post and I am sorry! I am short, fat, and proudContinue reading “Bubble wand curls”

Fashion fridays

Hi girls I hope yall all had a good week and a good thanksgiving and have fun plans for the weekend! Okay so this week I wanna talk more about things that can be mixed and matched to make lots of out fits, and how to style simple articles of clothing. In this picture IContinue reading “Fashion fridays”

Makeup Monday

Brushes, brushes, brushes what would we do without them? For one we would have a hard time applying makeup well. Brushes are important, But there is nothing wrong with not having the exactly right one…it just means that it may not turn out as good as u want it to! The first brush you wouldContinue reading “Makeup Monday”

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