Welcome to Aspen style

Hi I am Aspen Watkins my hope for this site is that I can help some girls out there who may know how they want to dress but r un sure how to reach that goal.

I will start my saying it took me 16 years to finally get to a satisfied place in my fashion life.

Lol there was a few years there where I thought I looked fine but ladys let me tell you…. I was very wrong. There was some time there were I was heavier and my makeup was uneven. I had cute close but I did not know how to put them together…. trust me it is hard, that’s why its important to have a good inside.

Let me stop and say this….. No matter what your hair or your makeup or your cloths look like, what’s important is that you love the lord and your heart is kind and sweet and that your not trying to change who you are under the cloths and makeup and the hair spray!

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