Fall inspired outfits

Okay, here I have put together an outfit that I like. A key thing that I follow when shopping is get things that can be used in a lot of outfits, things that can be changed out and worn a lit of different ways.

I buy a lot of things such as black Ts and solid colors. Orange, yellow, maroon, Dark green these are all great fall colors that I try to put in most all of my fall out fits!

Comfy but dressed up

In the pic above I have a dark green almost crop top sweat shirt, I love this shirt it comes down to my pants line and is so comfy. I have a pair of Coles Jean’s with material under the rips, these are awesome pants cuz I get the cuteness of the rips but I dont show a tone of skin ( witch tends to be a problem I have often)

Now I dont recomend shopping at Coles but that’s just me, I personally like thrift stores and savers.

Fun fact: savers has a tone of cute close to make great outfits out of and it’s cheap cute close happy wallet😆

In the pic above I have my next favorite thing that I wear, note I wanted one of these for so long, the hat in the picture is my baby lol, it goes with so many of my outfits, it throws a bit of style in to most every day outfits.

The rest of the outfit is made up of maroon low top convers and a deep green leather scrunchie fun fact:scrunchies make good accessories and can put a pop in your outfit) I also have some brace bracelets and gray green nail polish

Fun Fact: even when we dont think it, guys do notice when we have nice looking nails, so even if your not in to nail polish keep them clean and neat.🤗

Ladys having a pair of silver or gold hoops can make even sweat pants and a T shirt look fancy!

To complete this outfit I normally do water fall curls ( witch I’ll do a post on later) and a orange red and gold eyeshadow with a brown or bright red lip stick or just some pretty pink lip gloss.

And there you go! Now like I have said ….some where🤨! It took me a while to put these whole outfits together, but I have learned that u dont need the same shirt or hat or shoes to copy an outfit, just remember if u wear it confidently ppl notice.😋

Chetcha later ladys, and now a Winnie the pooh quote just cuz hes so wise.

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”-pooh bear

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