I know every year everyone always says new year new you, every one makes resolutions and half of us don’t follow through. But this year I hope I can stick to mine and you yours!

Now enough chit chat, I want to share with you a new mascara 😍 If you have it then you know how good it is, if not then definitely check it out!!

It’s called Lash Sensational Curvitude by the brand Maybelline.

Compared to other brands it”s so amazing! πŸ‘ It enhances lash length and darkens them. I would recommend putting it on lightly and layering it at first because putting to much on at one time will make it too clumpy.

I found this brand at Walgreens, but I think you can also find it at Walmart and Target. I really love this product, I don’t regret buying it. Definitely try it out and see if it’s for you.

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.” Winnie the Pooh β™₯

See y’all later!!! πŸ‘‹

Fashion fridays

Hi girls I hope yall all had a good week and a good thanksgiving and have fun plans for the weekend!

Okay so this week I wanna talk more about things that can be mixed and matched to make lots of out fits, and how to style simple articles of clothing.

In this picture I have a orange T shirt and I have it tied up in front because I am wearing a skirt.

Let’s talk more about this subject of tying our shirts.

I tie my shirts when I am wearing skirts I feel like it looks cute and classy.

I like to tuck in just the front of my shirt when I where jeans, sweats and shorts, instead of tying it. I like the effect of doing this, I think it gives me a slimmer look and it’s just cute.

Sorry for the short post, I am in the middle of moving!!!

Now for pooh bear “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Makeup Monday

Brushes, brushes, brushes what would we do without them? For one we would have a hard time applying makeup well.

Brushes are important, But there is nothing wrong with not having the exactly right one…it just means that it may not turn out as good as u want it to!

The first brush you would use is a foundation brushes

These brushes here are thicker and r used to blend your foundation in. I prefer to use a sponge becouse I feel like they blend so much better then a brush.

Next is a powder brush it’s big and fluffy and soft and it is used to evenly spread the powder

After that you then want a good blush brush. A blush brush needs to be in between a foundation and powder brush. If they r slanted that’s great but it dose not have to be.

Theres also brushes made for concealer, but there not necessary use a sponge or your fingers

Now theres a key brush for eyeshadow, this is one u need.

Most of them look like this or even more compact and they are used for applying the main color to the corner of your lid

There is also slanted brushes used for blending eyeliner and applying color to the crease of your lid and outer corner of your eyes

And lastly there are brushes for applying lipstick, they are not necessarily but I use one and like the effect.

Here are some pictures of my makeup specifically eyeshadow.

Here is my favorite eyeshadow look
Getting this smokey eyeliner look took so long but I love it

Here I used a brown eyeliner to make my freckles pop more, I also used my lip brush to apply the rose red lipstick I am wearing. I am wearing only the basics foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick ….but I know that’s still a lot!

I want to say something else about brushes and sponges

When using a sponge pat on the foundation dont spread it that’s not good, but using a sponge I feel like is better then a brush.

Brushes I feel like do not really give u great coverage or smooth look!

Okay now our dear winnie the pooh

β€œI wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.” winnie pooh bear

Have a good week adios girls

Fashion Fridays

Welcome girls, to the first Fashion Friday!

This week I would like to share with you one of my favorite outfits, it’s easy, comfortable, and was actually not that expensive; most all of it I got at thrift stores. Let’s check it out!!

I’ll start at the top of the picture and work down.

My hat!! Like I have said before it’s my favorite. I got my hat at a store called Claire’s Icing. Most of y’all know about Claire’s, well Claire’s Icing is like Claire’s, but for adults. The hat was $34 and I received it as a gift on my birthday.

Next I have a pair of silver hoops. Like I have said before, having a good pair of theses goes with almost everything, and can make even pj’s look cute!!

Next I have a leather jacket, and I believe it was less than $20 at a thrift store. I love this jacket. It’s awesome and one of my babies!

Next I have an orange T-shirt that says “Happiness” on it. This shirt makes a lot of fall outfits.

Next my black jeans, I wear them all the time. These I also got at a thrift store and I don’t remember how much they were. As you can I have made some adjustments to the back pocket (lol), and also ripped up the legs a bit.

And then there’s the shoes. Now I know girls who save their money, and then they buy shoes and shoes and more shoes. I am not like that, but I had been wanting a pair of Converse for a long time and I finally got them for my birthday this year. They were $50. I wear them a lot and they go with almost everything.

5 tips for making your style a bit more fashionable…if you want

1. Buy things that you can mix and match in many outfits.

2. Have bits of jewelry that are classy and can make any out fit a bit more fancy. Some ideas are: silver hoops, pearl earrings, diamond studs (not real cuz who can afford that lol), a pearl necklace, sparkly bracelets, and really just any earrings in general.

3. A pair of cute shoes that match just about everything will go quite a ways.

4. Taking care of your hair even if you just brush it, makes a big difference. Change up how you wear your hair, don’t wear it in the same place, part, or style all the time.

5. Keep your nails clean and trimmed. Even if you don’t have time or patience to paint them, it still looks nice to keep them neat. Trust me, people notice.

And now a wise word from our dear little bear….

“Could be worse. I don’t know how but….. it could. ” Winnie the Pooh

Makeup Monday

Hi girls, welcome to makeup Monday!

Today is all about makeup. As my first post I am going to show you the makeup that I buy and a little bit about applying it.

Alright here we go. What’s the first thing you put on your face when your are applying makeup? Well you start with foundation. I use Mary Kay’s tinted moisturizer.


This stuff is the bomb girls. It gives me great coverage, covers little dark spots very well, it’s so easy to apply, and you don’t need a lot. This foundation is great because it does not make you look like you are wearing a ton of makeup. It’s so great!

I put the foundation on in little dots on my face, putting three dots on both cheeks, one on my nose, one on my forehead, and some times one my chin. Most of the time I use excess that’s on my sponge.

Next I use e.l.f. concealer.


I apply this under my eyes in a triangle with the top point facing down. I also apply this to any unwanted spots that I want to hide.

Now on to the eyeshadow. This is the part a lot of people struggle with because it’s hard to get right. I had to practice a lot to get it right.

My eyeshadow palette is one I got from TJ Max. As you can see, most of it has fallen out because it’s old, but I love the orange and red fall colors.


I also have these Mary Kay eyeshadows.


I promise I will get a DIY eyeshadow video up soon!

Next comes mascara. I have two kinds and I like them both because they have different brushes


Next I have another Mary Kay sample that my aunt gave me. This sample is highlighter


I use eyeliner pencils. I have black that I use the most, but I also have purple, green, blue, gold and I think gray…..anyways eyeliner is a whole ‘nother world. It’s hard and takes practice, but I will do my best to show you how to start!

Well girls that is it for today. I promise I will get better at this and soon I’ll get some DIY stuff out. Hope you have a great week and I’ll see you back here for “Words Wednesday”!

Also I hope y’all noticed that my nails looked awful and messy, proving that I am not always put together. This is something to remember, that we are not perfect, only our Maker is. We were not made to be perfect, and we never can be!

And now some Winnie the Pooh.

β€œSometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” -Winnie the Pooh

Fall outfits

Ladies, I know I am absolutely in love with fall, and fall fashion is so cute!! I just live for hoodies and sweat pants but that look is hard to pull off without looking like I just got out of bed and don’t want to deal with anyone! But I have found that if you put a sweatshirt and cute jeans together its comfortable and cute ( hint: tucking the front of your sweatshirt into your pants gives it a super cute and trendy look) Also a random fact about me, I really like Winnie the pooh so I will be putting a Winnie the pooh meme at the end of my post!

A bit about me

This blog has been in mind for a while, and a friend finally talked me into jumping in and finally starting it.

This blog is about my love for fashion, makeup and beautiful things. I am also hoping it will help some girls out there who maybe are struggling with wanting to learn how to dress themselves up.

Here’s a bit more about me.

I am the oldest of 9 children and I am 16. All my life I have always had chances to be around a lot of diverse things and dip my hands in many subjects. Because of this I have many hobbies, a few of them being fashion, hair and makeup. My plan for the coming years is to go to cosmetology school, (cosmetology is the study of skin hair makeup and nails) and I have a hope to get my real estate license.

Now enough about me, I wanna help y’all.

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