Makeup Monday

Brushes, brushes, brushes what would we do without them? For one we would have a hard time applying makeup well.

Brushes are important, But there is nothing wrong with not having the exactly right one…it just means that it may not turn out as good as u want it to!

The first brush you would use is a foundation brushes

These brushes here are thicker and r used to blend your foundation in. I prefer to use a sponge becouse I feel like they blend so much better then a brush.

Next is a powder brush it’s big and fluffy and soft and it is used to evenly spread the powder

After that you then want a good blush brush. A blush brush needs to be in between a foundation and powder brush. If they r slanted that’s great but it dose not have to be.

Theres also brushes made for concealer, but there not necessary use a sponge or your fingers

Now theres a key brush for eyeshadow, this is one u need.

Most of them look like this or even more compact and they are used for applying the main color to the corner of your lid

There is also slanted brushes used for blending eyeliner and applying color to the crease of your lid and outer corner of your eyes

And lastly there are brushes for applying lipstick, they are not necessarily but I use one and like the effect.

Here are some pictures of my makeup specifically eyeshadow.

Here is my favorite eyeshadow look
Getting this smokey eyeliner look took so long but I love it

Here I used a brown eyeliner to make my freckles pop more, I also used my lip brush to apply the rose red lipstick I am wearing. I am wearing only the basics foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick ….but I know that’s still a lot!

I want to say something else about brushes and sponges

When using a sponge pat on the foundation dont spread it that’s not good, but using a sponge I feel like is better then a brush.

Brushes I feel like do not really give u great coverage or smooth look!

Okay now our dear winnie the pooh

“I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.” winnie pooh bear

Have a good week adios girls

Published by Aspen Watkins

I am just another 16-year-old girl in this crazy world.

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      1. Well, I’m glad! But really could you do a post of something going more in-depth on some of the brushes and that one? It would be so informative!


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