Fashion Fridays

Welcome girls, to the first Fashion Friday!

This week I would like to share with you one of my favorite outfits, it’s easy, comfortable, and was actually not that expensive; most all of it I got at thrift stores. Let’s check it out!!

I’ll start at the top of the picture and work down.

My hat!! Like I have said before it’s my favorite. I got my hat at a store called Claire’s Icing. Most of y’all know about Claire’s, well Claire’s Icing is like Claire’s, but for adults. The hat was $34 and I received it as a gift on my birthday.

Next I have a pair of silver hoops. Like I have said before, having a good pair of theses goes with almost everything, and can make even pj’s look cute!!

Next I have a leather jacket, and I believe it was less than $20 at a thrift store. I love this jacket. It’s awesome and one of my babies!

Next I have an orange T-shirt that says “Happiness” on it. This shirt makes a lot of fall outfits.

Next my black jeans, I wear them all the time. These I also got at a thrift store and I don’t remember how much they were. As you can I have made some adjustments to the back pocket (lol), and also ripped up the legs a bit.

And then there’s the shoes. Now I know girls who save their money, and then they buy shoes and shoes and more shoes. I am not like that, but I had been wanting a pair of Converse for a long time and I finally got them for my birthday this year. They were $50. I wear them a lot and they go with almost everything.

5 tips for making your style a bit more fashionable…if you want

1. Buy things that you can mix and match in many outfits.

2. Have bits of jewelry that are classy and can make any out fit a bit more fancy. Some ideas are: silver hoops, pearl earrings, diamond studs (not real cuz who can afford that lol), a pearl necklace, sparkly bracelets, and really just any earrings in general.

3. A pair of cute shoes that match just about everything will go quite a ways.

4. Taking care of your hair even if you just brush it, makes a big difference. Change up how you wear your hair, don’t wear it in the same place, part, or style all the time.

5. Keep your nails clean and trimmed. Even if you don’t have time or patience to paint them, it still looks nice to keep them neat. Trust me, people notice.

And now a wise word from our dear little bear….

“Could be worse. I don’t know how but….. it could. ” Winnie the Pooh

Published by Aspen Watkins

I am just another 16-year-old girl in this crazy world.

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